The Warning Signs that Indicate the Presence of Termites

Recent statistics have shown that there is a greater likelihood that your home will be damaged by termites rather than fire. The National Pest Management Association estimates that these destructive pests are responsible for about $5 billion worth of structural damage every year. The scary part is that they could be damaging your home without you even knowing about it. Hence, they’ve appropriately nicknamed the “silent invaders.”

Termites usually live underneath the house, in colonies. As soon as the soil has warmed up in springtime, they come out of hiding and find cracks in the foundation, in order to gain access into your home. As your termite control specialists in Sydney, Bugz Pest Control can eradicate these pests, and ensure that your home is protected from such an invasion in the future. While you are reading this, you may have termite damage already. These pests could be eating away and damaging your largest investment. They have the ability to damage thousands of dollars’ worth of existing homes. But, ensuring that the new remodeling isn’t damaged again, in the future, requires extensive termite control.

It’s All About Early Detection

If you want to minimize the cost of damages associated with termites, early detection is the key. Bugz Pest Control will be happy to come to your home or office and conduct an inspection. We can do this in order to detect the presence of termites and determine whether or not termite treatment, in Sydney, is necessary. You should have your home inspected annually if you want to detect any activity and minimize the amount of damage that occurs. With termites, there is always a huge potential for costly repairs, resulting from large scale structural damage.

When we come out to inspect your property, we will also be able to assess whether or not certain conditions exist that will make your home more susceptible to termite damage. As well, we can determine any wood-destroying organisms, in general. The purpose is to minimize your risk of being attacked by these pests. Hundreds of thousands of homes throughout Australia are prone to termite attacks. Once we have detected the termite’s presence, we can determine the best course of action for eradicating them and preventing their return.

The Warning Signs

The first strategic step in any termite control, in Sydney, is identifying the signs that indicate the presence of termites. Bugz Pest Control has compiled a list of these signs to make it easier for homeowners to determine whether or not termites are present. While you should be aware of these; the absence of them doesn’t guarantee or indicate that an infestation does not exist.

  • Evidence of activity – Finding a pile of termite wings (yes, they do shed them) in springtime usually indicates that termites have invaded your home and already built their colony. Whether you are purchasing a home or selling one, a termite inspection should be conducted. Bugz Pest Control does termite inspections whenever necessary or requested. We will be happy to assist you with this and then determine the proper termite treatment program for your home in Sydney.
  • Remodeling and renovating – When building an addition to your home, you may discover the presence of termites, or the signs indicating it. Typically, it’s during construction when any existing damage gets discovered and identified. Even worse is the fact that they may have been feeding and living within the walls of your home for quite a while. And, the damage could be more extensive than it appears. The only way to prevent or treat this, so that no further damage occurs, is to call a termite control specialist, in Sydney, from Bugz Pest Control.
  • Reproductive swarms – This usually occurs when termites emerge from the thawed ground in spring. However, if you notice a swarm inside your home in springtime or early summer, it’s because each male termite is looking to pair up with a female and reproduce. Hence the name “reproductive swarm”. Furthermore, once they do reproduce, they’ll be searching for a place to build their new colony – and it just might be your home. A word of warning: since swarms occur quickly, there is a possibility that you won’t see it. However, the destruction would be evident within a few days.

Hollowed out wood and mud tunnels are other telltale signs of a termite infestation. No matter what, if you have noticed any of these warning signs, don’t hesitate to call Bugz Pest Control immediately, and schedule an inspection. It can get very difficult and expensive to control termites if they spread. So, it is best to call a termite control specialist in Sydney as soon as you notice the brown trails. Call now and let us start quickly.