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Make Sure You Spot The Early Bed Bugs Signs

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Spotting early bed bugs signs can be really important for anyone who is trying to rid their home of these pests. These flat wingless insects that are usually brown in colour do not just come out at night, as is commonly thought. People make this common misconception because bed bugs are not attracted to light, so they try to keep out of it all times, hence why people think they are nocturnal. The ideal location for bed bugs is in a cool area that has little light. This type of area around a bed or some other form of furniture is probably where most people first spot bed bugs signs in their home.

Bed bugs are small insects that belong to the Cimicidae family and get their name because they like to bite and feed on humans while they sleep at night in their beds. Cimex Lectularius are the most common form of bed bugs that are usually found in the home as these are able to adapt the most easily to the human environment. This species of bed bug is capable of biting and feasting on humans without even waking them. Many people can often wonder what the marks on their skin are skin are after they have been bitten by bed bugs. This is because they do not know they have a bed bug problem in their homes and they do not know how to spot the early stages of bed bugs infestations.

Bite marks are probably one of the first things people will notice in terms as a sign that bed bugs are in their house. Once a person has bite marks then it is a clear and definite sign that they have a bed bug infestation in their home. It is very unlikely that anyone will be able to catch a bed bug while it is biting them as they tend to mainly bite humans when they are sleeping. People are able to tell when they have been bitten by bed bugs as they will usually have 3 or 4 bites that are in close proximity of each other and can sometimes even be in a row on a person’s body. The irritable bit can last from anywhere between a couple of hours to two or three days.

Bed bugs are so small and they are able to fit into the tiniest and smallest areas of a home. Because of this it can make spotting bed bugs very difficult indeed. They can live in a wide range of places and are not just exclusive to beds or the bedroom, despite their name. They are also commonly found in floorboards, carpets, laundry baskets, cupboards, walls, lounges, underneath wallpaper and of course in mattresses and bed springs. A way of spotting early bed bugs symptoms is that people will start to notice small black spots appear in and around an infested area. These small black spots are actually waste that is produce by the bed bugs over a certain period of time. The waste is the bed bugs excrement and can also be specks of blood the bed bug has sucked from its unsuspecting victim. This waste is usually found on pillows, duvet covers, mattresses and other types of bed linen.

Another way for people to spot early bed bugs symptoms is that they will start to notice the small brown skin of the bed bug in around the area of the bed. This is where the bed bugs have shed their skin and it has been left behind in the bed or on the affected area. People might also be able to spot dead bed bugs in their bed too. This is a definite indication that there is a bed bug infestation or problem in the house or property. It can also be possible for people to spot the eggs of bed bugs but these can be a little trickier to spot with the naked eye and sometimes a magnifying glass might be required to make things a little easier when trying to spot them.

Once the early bed bugs indications have been spotted then contact Bugz pest control for expert help in order for bed bugs control Sydney.


Before the Bed Bugs pest control treatment

  • All floors and upholstered furniture should be thoroughly vacuumed to remove animal hair, debris, eggs and pupae. Particular attention should be given to known harbourage areas such as bedrooms and other sleeping areas. (The vacuum bag must then be disposed of in a plastic bag in an outside waste bin).
  • All bed linen and clothing should be removed from infested areas and washed on the hottest wash possible.
  • Toys, loose articles etc should be removed from the floor so that as much of the area can be treated as possible.
  • Where possible, beds and other known harbourages should be dismantled to allow them to be thoroughly treated.
  • Wardrobes, drawers etc should be emptied and the contents washed on the hottest wash possible.
  • Tiled, concrete, wooden floors etc should be swept and washed or vacuumed.
  • Do not vacuum for at least 10-14 days after the treatment. This will give the insecticide time to eliminate all stages of the bed bug infestation.
  • Thoroughly clean all food preparation surfaces before use.

Bed bugs pest control Sydney

The reasons that there is a problem with bed bugs pest control Sydney is due to the fact that there are so many tourists and visitors who visit the city each year. Many people visit Sydney and then go onto other destinations. Out of the million tourists who visit Sydney in any one year, it is easy to estimate that a number of them will bring some form of bugs or mites with them. This is not just a problem restricted to Sydney though with Cities worldwide having a major problem with bed bugs and people returning to their homes with the bugs in their bags and infesting the family home.

In order to stay clear of bed bugs when visiting Sydney or any other city or holiday destination it can be a good idea to check that the hotel or hostel you are staying in is clean. Where possible try to avoid hostels, guest houses or hotels that let guest use their own bedding, such as sleeping bags and blankets as this a sure fire way of increasing the likely hood of their being a bed bug infestation.

Synthetic Pyrethroids are the chemicals most commonly used, but these need to be applied with other methods used alongside the chemical approach to get rid of this persistent pest, follow up visits may also be necessary to exterminate this pest.

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