Bed Bugs Pest Control Sydney

Eliminate Bed Bugs with Professional Pest Control

Couldn’t sleep because something was biting or you have a red rash and itchiness? It might be bed bugs. Without a doubt, bed bugs are some of the most unpleasant pests that Bugz Pest Control has to contend with on a fairly regular basis. Numerous residents currently living in Sydney and the surrounding areas are all too familiar with these pests. Interestingly enough, the onslaught of these little bloodsuckers began when the city of Sydney hosted the Summer Olympic Games of 2000. Since that point in time, their populations have been steadily growing and they have evolved into one of the greatest nuisance pests in the area.

Bed Bug Factors to Be Aware Of

The increasing numbers of bed bugs has necessitated the implementation of our bed bugs pest control programs in Sydney. Bugz Pest Control now specializes in their eradication. Ironically, bed bugs have been cohabitating with us considerably longer than other insect pests that we have had to contend with over the many years. Contrary to what you may be thinking, they do not carry disease. However, their bite causes considerable irritation and welts that itch relentlessly. Heavier infestations are evidenced by soiled bed frames, mattresses, and sheets.

When a heavy infestation is present within your household, you will most likely notice a highly offensive, buggy-like odor emanating from the source. Bed bugs pest control experts in Sydney at Bugz Pest Control have witnessed two types of infestations:

  • long-standing infestations in rundown or substandard commercial and residential structures
  • newer infestations which can easily arise anywhere, even upscale hotels

Because of their transient nature, no one is immune to these types of infestations. They are capable of moving from one location to another by nesting in baskets, clothing, furniture, and luggage. There are a number of areas that have ongoing problems with these pests in the Northern Hemisphere and the tropics. It is easy to see how immigrants, as well as international travelers can bring them into Australia. In fact, most infestations that have occurred in this area over the past couple of decades have been attributed to people coming from overseas. That is where we step in as bed bugs pest control experts in Sydney.

What to Look For

In most cases, the morning reaction to bed bug bites is the first sign that individuals notice after they awaken; although they may not be able to identify what type of bite it is initially. Bites are about the size of those inflicted by mosquitos, are extremely itchy, and can last between 7 and 9 days before clearing up. They also leave pinhead-sized black dots around architraves, bed frames, mattresses, picture rails, sheets, and skirting boards. These are the digested remains of a recently eaten meal that they have voided.

The bite of a bed bug is easily differentiated from that of bird lice and fleas as they are usually arranged in lines. This is attributed to the way in which they probe for multiple locations. And, there is the actual size of the bite. Conversely, bird lice and flea bites are usually found around the ankles and are considerably smaller in size. Furthermore, infestations can erupt quickly without notice, as the female bed bug typically lays 10 or more eggs at a time. Over the course of their lifetime, they will lay between 200 and 500 days.

That is why it is essential to curb the infestation as quickly as possible. If you think you have bedbugs, it is time to call in the bed bugs pest control experts in Sydney. Get the infestation completely removed before it gets worse.

Let Our Company End Your Infestation Problems

At Bugz Pest Control, the bed bugs pest control technicians in Sydney, we are highly skilled and trained in the eradication of these voracious little pests. Our treatment works rapidly and literally kills bed bugs on contact. Furthermore, it is a long-lasting treatment that can last for up to two months at a time. For more information regarding our bed bug treatment or any of our other residential pest control services, please contact us today. We’ll be glad to help you with the infestation that you have suffered. Call us now and let us help you.