Who We Are

Putting quality and customer satisfaction first
Bugz Pest Control has a great reputation for our high quality pest treatments in Sydney. Since we began in 1997, we have made customer satisfaction our top priority! It is our dedication to providing the best service possible that has helped us grow and create a great base of regular, satisfied customers. We rely on our highly experienced and qualified staff to continually grow and improve our business.

What We Do

Striving to be the best pest control company
Name any pest that is bothering you and Bugz Pest Control will have a solution for it. Our business offers a wide range of pest control treatments to protect you, your home, your family and your pets. When you choose Bugz, you will get the best pest control service available. We use the best products on the market, to ensure the safe and effective management of your pests.

Different continuous programs for different pests

Bugz Pest Control offers several different pest management service programs. All programs come with a written guarantee to resolve any doubts regarding effectiveness. You can choose from these continuous service programs based on your particular ongoing pest problem:

  • Sydney Termite Protection
  • Pest Control Sydney
  • Termite Treatments Sydney
  • Ant Control Sydney
  • Bedbug Control Sydney
  • Bird Control Sydney
  • Cockroach Control Sydney
  • Mouse Control Sydney
  • Rat Control Sydney

Choose us for our service assurance

Bugz Pest Control will completely control termites and other common household pests, with a smile on our face. We have a very desirable customer service record and have achieved this through:

  • Extensive industry experience and reputation, spanning over 20 years
  • Being well-equipped to handle any pest control need
  • Conforming to the highest safety standards and ensuring the safety of children and pets
  • Well trained technicians with the right qualifications and required skills
  • Clearly marked vehicles for identification and verification

Rely on us for our expert knowledge

Regular training is conducted to improve the knowledge and skills of all our technicians. We are therefore proud and able to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of our pest control services. We are trained in:

  • Urban Pest Management
  • Termite Inspections
  • Termite Treatments
  • Pre-Construction Soil Treatments
  • Termite Baiting and Monitoring Systems (Nemesis, Sentricon)
  • Bird Management
  • Rodent Management