Pest Information


AntsAnts do not present any major threat to our health, but can become a real nuisance when they enter our homes and workplaces. Effective control can only be achieved by destroying their nests with baits or insecticides. Applying a suitable bait around the area they are feeding and spraying where they are entering the property should have a considerable impact on the colony and reduce activity.

Ants have one of the most varied diets of all insects. Foraging worker ants cause a nuisance as they travel widely in search of food, following well-defined trails and clustering around the food source.

The gregarious habits of ants have resulted in the development of a caste system, whereby individuals are responsible for specialised duties within the community. There are: workers (sterile females); fertile males; and queens (fertile females). The worker ants build and extend the nest, look after larval forms and forage for food, whereby they become pests. The queens perform none of these duties, but remain almost exclusively within the nest.